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Case 1

This 27 yr male patient lost his 4 front teeth in a traffic accident. He was wearing partial denture for last 2 years but was unhappy because of need to remove and clean every night. During surgery 4 screw type Anthogyr ( Made in France ) implants were inserted and teeth were fixed over the implants after 4 months. During this period of 4 months he was wearing temporary restoration. He is all smiles with his new set of permanent teeth




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This 19 year female lost her two front teeth in a bike accident. The third one ( Central incisor ) was broken which was repaired by RCT , Post and Core and Crown. Other two teeth were replaced by Anthogyr Dental Implants. Her smile and confidence returns.



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21 yr female fell from rooftop and lost her 4 front teeth. Two central Incisors, Left lateral incisor and left Canine. Right Central incisor is supported on one implant and Left incisors and canine (3 teeth ) are supported on two implants.



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