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Mr Kewal S  Khakh came from Canada to get Dental Implants done at Aggarwal Dental Clinic . He was given 3 immediate loading Implants for his Lower molars. He returns to Canada within 4 weeks in which he got both surgical and prosthetic phases for his implants 


Mr Gurcharan Chaddha came from England in 2003 to get overdentures for his loose lower denture. He got 4 mini implants done from Aggarwal Dental Clinic. He returned this year ( 2008 ) to say thanks and get an additional set of overdentures on his mini implants done in 2003


Chris Thompson came from England in March 2007 to get full mouth Impants done. He returned in September 2007 to get his prosthesis completed . His sister Marie Thompson accompanied him this time and got two immediate loading implants done . Her job was completed in just 10 days


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