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A healthy childhood depends to a large extent on healthy teeth. Kids need them for chewing, speech, and good looks. As a parent you play an important role in your child’s Dental health. It is important to keep your child motivated about good oral hygiene measures.
Here are some of the fundamentals of oral care for kids

Facts about Teething

FAQ's about oral care of kids

When should I start caring for my child’s teeth?

As soon as it appears the baby’s teeth should be cleaned with a wet gauze or clean damp cloth after each feeding. When the other teeth also come,start brushing your child teeth with an extra soft baby tooth brush. There is no need to apply any tooth paste until the child is old enough to understand not to swallow it. Only mechanical cleaning with a wet tooth brush is enough to remove plaque or food debris from the teeth.

What is Milk Bottle Tooth Decay?

The teeth of the babies who sleep with a bottle of milk, formula feed or fruit juice in their mouth can suffer from decay called baby bottle tooth decay. There is rapid decay of many or all the baby teeth of an infant or child.

The teeth most likely to be damaged are the upper front teeth. They are some of the first teeth to erupt and thus have the longest exposure time to the sugars in the bottle. The lower front teeth tend to be protected by the tongue as the child sucks on the nipple of the bottle or the breast.
Baby Bottle Tooth Decay is caused by frequent exposure of a child’s teeth for long periods of time to liquid containing sugars. When your baby falls asleep with:

The liquid pools around the front teeth. During sleep, the bacteria living in every baby’s mouth, turns the milk sugar or other sugars to acid, which causes the decay.

Parents may not know there is a problem until serious damage has been done:

By the time tooth decay is noticed it may be too late and crowns, pulp therapy, or even extraction of the decayed teeth may be necessary. As a result, your child may suffer from long term disorders, which include speech impediments, possible psychological damage, crooked or crowded teeth, and poor oral health.

Most children begin life with strong, healthy teeth. Help your child’s teeth stay that way. Your newborn is totally dependent upon you as a parent. The decisions you make will have a vital
effect on your child’s dental future.

Why are milk teeth important?

Even though milk teeth ultimately falls out, they have very important functions

How can I help keep my child’s teeth cavity free?

Children are the most at risk for cavities .They tend to eat more frequently and have not yet become experts at brushing their teeth . To keep your child’s teeth cavity free

When Should I make my child’s first Dental Appointment?

When your child is about a year old, it’s the time he or she should see a dentist. Early visits can prevent minor problems from becoming major ones

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Home Dental Care for Kids

It is often difficult initially to brush your child's teeth. They can really put up a struggle, screaming, kicking, crying, running away, not opening their mouths - every kid is different.

Healthy teeth and gums are so important to start out life with. We've often heard the value of choosing your battles with your children, and this is one to choose.

Remember that the initial challenge you face is actually more taxing on you than it ultimately is for your child.


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